Project Management Glossary


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There are currently 11 terms in this directory beginning with the letter W.
Waterfall model
The Waterfall model is a software development life cycle in which development phases are sequential, non-iterative, and do not overlap. It is typically reserved for small projects with straightforward, clearly defined requirements since a sequential development process makes it difficult to revisit the analysis and design phases once testing has begun. (See also linear sequential model)

Weighted milestone method
The weighted milestone method allows project managers to estimate earned value by splitting work packages into weighted segments. Each segment represents a portion of the budget value for the work package and ends with a milestone. When a segment milestone is classified as complete, a portion of the total work package value has been earned.

What-If scenario analysis
A simulation technique that allows project managers to determine and compare specific conditions’ effects on project schedules and objectives.

Wideband delphi
An estimation technique based on expert consensus. Each member of an estimation team uses a work breakdown structure to create anonymous estimates of the effort required to complete each project element or work package. The estimates are then reviewed as a group before the experts create new estimates, and the process is repeated for a number of rounds until a consensus is reached. (See also delphi technique)

In project management, work is the amount of effort needed to complete a task.

Work authorization system
A formal procedure to ensure that project work is performed on time and in logical order.

Work breakdown structure (WBS)
A Work breakdown structure is a comprehensive, hierarchical model of the deliverables constituting the scope of a project. It details everything a project team is supposed to deliver and achieve. A work breakdown structure categorizes all project elements, or work packages, into a set of groups and may be used to form cost estimates.

Work breakdown structure dictionary
A document that details, describes, and provides scheduling information for every element of a work breakdown structure. It may be thought of as a dictionary-cum-schedule of work packages.

Work package
The work packages of a project are its lowest-level deliverables. They are detailed in a work breakdown structure dictionary.

Work stream
In project management, a work stream is a logically arranged series of activities that must be completed to pursue project objectives. The term typically refers to the full sequence of work activities from project initiation to project closure.

A way to circumvent a problem which does not have a permanent solution or for which no adequate response was planned.
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