Project Management Glossary


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In the project life cycle, a handover is the point at which deliverables are given to users.

An unplanned break in a network path, usually caused by oversights regarding activities or dependent relationships between activities.

A project management method created by the Swiss government and used by IT and business organizations. It is a simplified project management method that can be adapted to projects with varying degrees of complexity. It provides document templates to expedite project-related work.

High-Level requirements
The high-level requirements explain the major requirements and characteristics of the final product, including its purpose as a product and within the company. (See also product description)

Historical information
Data from past projects used in the planning of future projects.

Human resource management plan
A human resource management plan details the roles of and relationships between personnel working on a project, as well as how personnel will be managed. It is part of the project management plan.

Hypercritical activities
Critical path activities with negative slack time. They are created when a sequence of critical path activities leading up to another activity is too long to be completed in the stated duration.
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