Admissions and CRM Software


A single (unified) application for all students entering Lane to include with integrated CRM (Customer Relations Management) software for outreach. This is an application that will be used differently based on what type of student. It will also be used for prospective students as well as a communication platform for all students/prospective students. We would like to manage the communication throughout the student engagement.

Will also provide a unified process for employees in Student Affairs, ESL, ABSE, International, and Health Professions (or other programs with special requirements).

Goals & Objectives

  1. Complete the RFP 
  2. Purchase software with Board level approval 
  3. Align software to Lane needs 
  4. Integrate with Banner 
  5. Training for all staff
  6. Remove any excess software or sources, so that all applications used in Google Docs, etc. would be removed.

Primary goal is to improve the student experience and reduce frustration for staff.  

Use Guided Pathways recommendations.

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